Photo-Nutrition™ . . . light activated wellness

“We have finally learned that light is a nutrient much like food, and like food, the wrong kind can make us ill and the right kind can help keep us well.”                                                                                                                                                                                           — Dr. John Ott, Health and Light

One in the Many

There are many full-spectrum light sources and light therapy products that claim a host of health benefits. However, if you are searching for the one in the many that provides the maximum health benefits and disease prevention qualities based on the research of Dr. John Ott, the father of full-spectrum light technology, then your search is over.

The SOLshine System is a convenient,  therapeutic ‘light shower’ delivery system that is powered by a state-of-the-art SOLshine Biobulb that provides a balanced visible light spectrum in conjunction with added, invisible ultra violet light (UV)… just the way Dr. Ott designed it.

Although proprietary, Dr. Ott included ‘safe’ in his health formula of full-spectrum light with added UV. The amount of UV is just above a trace amount. Enough to be beneficial, yet low enough to be naturally safe. However, common sense dictates that anyone with an eye condition should always check with their doctor before using.

Over twenty five years ago, we  formed Ott Light Systems, Inc. with Dr. Ott to produce his original (fluorescent) full-spectrum light system with added UV light in order to reduce the risk of mal-illumination. The advent of white LED (light emitting diode) technology has inspired a full-spectrum light paradigm in nutrition: SOLshine . . .  photo-nutrition.

State-of-the-Art LED Technology Based on Dr. Ott’s Mal-illumination Research

Unlike hazardous fluorescents or common white light emitting diode (LED) bulbs that focus on energy efficiency and light therapy products that focus primarily on SAD (seasonal affective disorder), SOLshine Biobulbs focus on health efficiency and are in fact light supplementsthat provide photo-nutrition well beyond SAD which is a sub-syndrome of mal-illumination. SOLshine Systems conveniently deliver and effectively support wellness and disease prevention all year long.

Not Your Average Full-Spectrum Light

The fact is, we did not develop SOLshine with a focus on ‘light, sight or energy efficiency’ as much as we engineered a photo-nutritious Biobulb. The sun’s radiant wavelengths are actually both energetic photo-nutrients & bio-catalysts. Different light wavelengths cause varying biological actions and reactions. A good example is the production of vitamin D in the skin which is caused by an ultra violet light (UV) interaction.

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SOLshine . . .  photo-nutrition

The cornerstones of health are clean air, pure water and natural, balanced light.

  • Comparably, just as one changes air filters and water filters to maintain purity, photo-nutritious SOLshine Biobulbs are changed annually to maintain spectral integrity.
  • With this concept in mind,  SOLshine Systems include three (3) Biobulbs. Each Biobulb supplies one (1) year of maximum photo-nutrition and therapeutic efficacy.
  • SOLshine Systems offer a three year (3 Biobulbs combined) usage warranty and a ten year hardware (fixture) guarantee.     

NOTE:  Biobulbs are actually still usable after the one year warranty runs. The warranty is limited to one year do to the fact that the invisible UV wavelengths degrade over time which reduces the therapeutic and photo-nutritious efficacy. However, the visible full-spectrum wavelengths degrade much slower over time.

Biobulbs, although larger (3″x5.5″) than common 100w bulbs, fit standard sockets and offer enhanced visual acuity for reading, crafting, homework and general lighting benefits, without warranty/guarantee.


MORNING (approximately 30-60 minutes / distance 12-24 inches)

  • SOLshine is especially recommended for daily, early morning use between wake-up thru breakfast to sync circadian rhythms to nature’s rhythm, abate melatonin flow (sleep hormone), trigger serotonin flow (alert hormone), deliver a vital charge of photo-nutrition (akin to taking vitamins) and enhance metabolism & absorption. . .  wow, talk about multi-tasking!

DAYTIME (time as needed / distance 12-24 inches)

  • Throughout the day SOLshine exposure can produce a similar energy-boosting effect much like drinking a cup of coffee, but is never intended to replace sleep.
  • Additionally when working at a computer, SOLshine exposure is beneficial to mitigate CVS (computer vision syndrome) by counteracting the clumping of red blood cells (rouleaux) which inhibits oxygen flow caused by iron in the red blood cells being magnetized from environmental EMF (electromagnetic frequencies).

EVENING (reduced brightness / not for therapy / off at least an hour before bedtime)

  • SOLshine is primarily intended for daylight hours to enhance vitality. Evening use should be dimmed and used for general, environmental light and not therapy. Therapeutic evening use can lead to the development of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome/Disorder.
  • Additionally, overexposure to any bright evening light (including blue enhanced light from electronic devices, cell phones etc.) is likely to lead to a shift in the circadian rhythm towards a delayed sleep phase.