Not All Full-Spectrum LED Lights Are Created Equal!

Mal-illumination is to Light as Malnutrition is to Food

— Dr. John Ott
The father of full-spectrum light technology

Exposure to full-spectrum sunlight which was common in our ancestral environment, is something we need to obtain or mimic if we want optimal health. Unfortunately, artificial light sources don’t reproduce all of the many facets of sunshine in indoor environments.
Based on current research, some of the essential missing facets are UV-A light for nitric oxide, UV-B light for vitamin D, red light for nighttime circadian rhythm entrainment, and red and near infrared light in the daytime for mitochondrial respiration (ATP regeneration).

Full-Spectrum Health Benefits Depend on Light Quality

  • Full-spectrum light’s 2 criteria: Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Kelvin (K)

  • CRI measures the accuracy of a light source relative to that of natural light

  • Kelvin characterizes the spectral properties of light measured on a temperature scale

  • Noon sun measures — 100 CRI & 5650 K

 Meet  SOLshine™ 97 CRI & 5600 K

Science of Light is pleased to introduce balanced, full-spectrum LED technology with added ultra violet (UV) and infrared (IR).


SOLshine full-spectrum white LEDs include UV, IR and high rendering of critical red (R9) and 14 other high color renderings


R1 =98, R2 =96, R3 =93, R4 =96, R5 =98, R6 =93, R7 =97, R8 =98, R9 =97, R10=91, R11=95, R12=79, R13=98, R14=96, R15=99



standard White CRI ValuesStandard white LEDs include low rendering of critical red (R9) and 13 other medium color renderings.


R1=81, R2=86, R3=90, R4=83, R5=79, R6=81,

R7=88, R8=67, R9=18, R10=67, R11=81, R12=59, R13=81, R14=94




The Future of Medicine is Prevention!

Reduce Your Risk of Mal-illumination

Re-Synchronize Your Circadian Rhythms to Nature’s Daily Rhythm

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Optimize Your Vitamin Absorption

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