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The Healing Power of Light

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Science of Light is pleased to introduce you to the Quantum Biology Collective (QBC). QBC is empowering you to understand and leverage the healing power of light in your journey to optimal health.

excerpted Quantum Biology Collective

It’s time to rethink our outdated understanding of healthy living and address the most critical – but mostly ignored – component of optimal health: your light environment.

The idea that light affects our health makes sense intuitively, but there is a ton of science to back up the idea.

A New Approach to Health

Optimizing your light environment is a crucial factor in achieving and maintaining wellness. Without it, our bodies cannot function properly, regardless of diet & exercise. Unless we get appropriate natural sunlight exposure, and avoid toxic lighting, we cannot be truly healthy.

Understanding Our Body

Through this new lens we now understand that our cells are programmed by light frequencies, both visible and invisible. This means that our light environment is one of the most important aspects that determines the level of our health.

The Paradigm Shift

New scientific research is revealing an understanding of human biology that recognizes that quantum processes occur in our cells, and that light is the driving force of these processes. We call this quantum biology.

Light and the Circadian Rhythm

The daily cycle of light and darkness sets our circadian rhythm, the master regulator of our entire system. Our light environment controls everything from our digestion, energy levels, and mood to our hormones and the quality of our sleep.

Whether you’re a knowledgeable health advocate or you’ve been micromanaging your food, rotating through prescriptions or supplements, and diligently exercising without full relief of your symptoms then you know that something must be missing.

There’s an essential component of health that we’ve been totally ignoring, until now: it turns out that your light environment impacts every area of your health and the Quantum Biology Collective is an absolute must visit.