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As full-spectrum light technology and SAD light therapy pioneers (Ott Light Systems 1987-97) and now Science of Light (SOL), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we’ve been on a mission to raise awareness of “mal-illumination” and the vital need for a “balanced spectral diet” to enhance body-mind wellness and reduce the risk of disease.

“Mal-illumination is to light as malnutrition is to food.”

 — Dr. John Ott
HEALTH AND LIGHT, 3,000,000+ copies sold


“We have finally learned that light is a nutrient much like food, and like food, the wrong kind can make us ill and the right kind can help keep us well.”   — Dr. John Ott

SOLshine Photo Nutrition™

“We are all light deficient and this deficiency may be the source of our physical and emotional problems.”  — Dr. John Ott

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