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Biological Enlightenment

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Your body is a combination of cells & chemicals that comes to life only when  “nature’s electricity” —LIGHT— is present.

Light Energy Is Life Energy 

 Human Metabolism is akin to Plant Photosynthesis


  • Photosynthesis in plants is the conversion of light energy to chemical energy.
  • Metabolism is the “life-sustaining” biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the energy our bodies need to function and maintain life. 

“We can now say emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.”

— Dr. Fritz Albert Popp
International Institute of Biophysics

Light is Vitality

“We are all light deficient and this deficiency may be the source of our physical and emotional problems.”

— Dr. John Ott
Health and Light, 3,000,000+ copies sold

 Ideally, everyone should properly regulate their essential exposure to daily natural light – managing the time they spend inside and out, staying in perfect cadence with their body’s required rhythm of light and natural vitality for optimum wellness and reduced risk of disease.

  • Strengthens Your Immune System

  • Aids Better Sleep

  • Lifts Your Mood… and so much more


Unfortunately, emphasis on personal hygiene has overlooked the need for daily, “light hygiene” required to regulate brain chemistry and circadian rhythms that control:

  • appetite

  • energy
  • mood
  • sleep
  • libido… and other body-mind functions