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We have finally learned that light is a nutrient much like food, and like food, the wrong kind can make us ill and the right kind can help keep us well.


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Did You Know that You are an Electro-Chemical Being?

  • Your body is ‘chemical’ and requires — food nutrition (vitamins, minerals, etc.) to thrive.

  • Your nervous system is ‘electrical’ and requires — photo-nutrition (light energy) for vitality.


braintouchup ~ BIOLOGICAL FACT: Your eyes are an external component of your brain.


~ BIOLOGICAL FACT: Your blood supply circulates thru your eyes every 2 hours.


~ BIOLOGICAL FACT: 98% of light’s radiant energy enters your body thru your eyes and regulates brain chemistry & circadian rhythms that control appetite, energy, mood, sleep, libido and more.


May we enlighten you?

  • We’re pleased to introduce you to research and info that’s focused on an emerging medical paradigm — ENERGY MEDICINE . . . the core of Energy Medicine is LIGHT.

  • Not enough natural light and too much artificial light disrupts brain chemistry and vital circadian rhythms.

  • This disruptive contemporary syndrome is known as — Mal-illumination.


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All Share a Pathology Factor

~ Seventeen different cancers that include breast, prostate & colon

~ Clinical depression & seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

~ Antepartum & postpartum depression

~ Chronic fatigue syndrome & autoimmune disorders including MS

~ Obesity, eating & sleeping disorders

~ Hormone regulation and other essential body-mind functions


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Hear Dr. Jacob Liberman’s 55 minute Forget Weight Loss Forever interview. Dr. Liberman shares his personal discovery and clinical experiences of the health benefits of light and addresses Mal-illumination… the silent epidemic.

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