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Please join us today, your support will start the revolution…  a Scholastic Performance & Wellness Revolution! 

Raise Smarter Kids – Reduce Learning, Behavioral and Health Problems

Fluorescent lights that our children and teachers spend prolonged periods under every week are significantly contributing — if not actually causing learning, behavioral and health problems!

Numerous, evidence based research and school studies have demonstrated that fluorescent lights encourage hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, and cause an increase in stress hormones ACTH and Cortisol. This is particularly disruptive for growing children. The increased presence of these stress hormones in the body have been linked, in other studies, to heightened anxiety, fear, and impulsive behavior including violence and substance abuse as well as obesity, depression, fatigue, sleep and eating disorders.

The Science of Light Grant Program will provide health enhancing, natural daylight bulbs free of cost to K-12 schools nationwide.

Thanks to generous donations from sponsors and people just like you SOL’s Grant Program will improve student scholastic performance as well as enhance the health and wellness of students, teachers and staff everywhere.

100% of the proceeds support our Grant Program.

All donations, of any amount, are so very much appreciated. Every donor will receive the opportunity of nominating a school to be included in SOL’s Grant Program. Grantees will be selected from the pool of nominated schools by random selection similar to a lottery. Nominees will remain in the pool for the life of the Program and will be included in the ongoing selection process as funding is made available.


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MAL-ILLUMINATION …the silent epidemic


We’re pleased to introduce you to cutting-edge medical research and information that’s focused on an emerging new medical paradigm . . . Energy Medicine.

The core of Energy Medicine is LIGHT.

We trust that this vital information will be of importance to you and your loved ones in the pursuit of optimum health and wellness.

  • Seventeen different cancers that include breast, prostate & colon
  • Clinical depression & seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Antepartum & postpartum depression
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome & autoimmune disorders including MS
  • Obesity, eating & sleeping disorders
  • Other essential body-mind functions

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  Raise Smarter Kids – Reduce Learning, Behavioral and Health Problems with Intelli-Lite

Science of Light is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that advocates enhanced vitality and wellness for humanity by providing ‘Natural Daylight Lighting’ and works to raise awareness of mal-illumination… the silent epidemic. Our main objective is to raise funds to initiate a nationwide, sustainable K-12 scholastic performance and wellness grant program.

ENLIGHTENED SCHOOLS: Smart Lights = Smarter Kids