SOLshine Full-Spectrum Light

Only the sun offers more natural light!


  • Elevates Mood
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Optimizes Metabolism
  • Increases Vitamin Absorption

Don’t Be Fooled — Not All Full-Spectrum Light is Created Equal!

There are many full-spectrum light bulbs, however for maximum health benefits — TRUE full-spectrum light bulbs include UV light — just like the sun!

If you’re searching for THE full-spectrum light that provides the maximum health benefits and disease reducing qualities — then your search is over.

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  • Dr. John Ott Father of Full-Spectrum Light Technology

    While working as a consultant for the Walt Disney “Secrets of Life” film series, Dr. Ott found that he could not successfully grow plants indoors under commonly used artificial lighting. His pioneering research discovered that all living organisms — including man — need the full spectrum of light provided by the sun in order to thrive.

    Full-Spectrum Health Benefits Also Require Balanced CRI & K

~ CRI (Color Rendering Index) measures the accuracy of a light source relative to that of natural light.

~ K (Kelvin Temperature) characterizes the spectral properties of light measured on a temperature scale.

~ Noon sun measures — 100 CRI & 5650 K

meet SOLshine™ 96 CRI / 5655 K

The Only TRUE Full-Spectrum LED

standard White CRI Values

Standard White LEDs: 80-90 CRI / 2700-5000K


Reduce Your Risk of Mal-illumination 

TRUE Full-Spectrum LED

Optimized for Real Health Benefits

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