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Light-Activated Wellness

  • Elevates Mood
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Supports Cognitive Function
  • Optimizes Metabolism & BMI
  • Increases Vitamin Absorption
  • Enhances Nutrient Assimilation

SOLshine Indoors…


SOLshine Photo-Nutrition

Light-Activated Wellness

Your body is ‘chemical’ and requires — food nutrition (vitamins, minerals, etc.) to thrive.

Your nervous system is ‘electrical’ and requires  — photo-nutrition (light energy) for vitality.

Not enough natural light and too much artificial light disrupts your brain chemistry and vital circadian rhythms. This contemporary syndrome is known as —mal-illumination.”

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Mal-Illumination: The Silent Epidemic

“Mal-illumination is to Light as Malnutrition is to Food.”
—Dr. John Ott

Association with DiseaseMal-illumination silently contributes to many health problems, some which are serious — obesity, depression, fatigue, sleep & eating disorders; breast, prostate and colon cancer have all been linked to insufficient exposure to balanced, full-spectrum light.

Lack of vitality, energy, and focusIngested foods, vitamins and supplements require a specific wavelength interaction (LIGHT!) in order to be fully metabolized. Without the correct wavelengths, absorption is incomplete and nutrients are WASTED, compromising your vitality, energy and overall wellbeing.

Still taking your vitamins in the dark?According to Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, International Institute of Biophysics, “We can now say emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” Balanced full-spectrum light is essential for natural metabolism and optimum vitamin absorption.

Be your BEST with SOLshine!Get the most advanced light therapy technology available to make sure you have disease reducing, photo-nutrition right at home at any time of day, any time of year. Why take chances with the most important asset you have… your well-being.

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“When we speak about the quality of light and its importance to the well being of all living organisms, the contributions of Dr. John Ott stand out above those of other researchers in the field.”

— Dr. Jacob Liberman, Best-Selling Author of LIGHT: Medicine of the Future

Introducing Dr. John Ott

The father of full-spectrum light technology…

While working as a consultant for the Walt Disney “Secrets of Life” film series, Dr. Ott found that he could not successfully grow plants indoors under commonly used artificial lighting. His research found that all living organisms need the full spectrum of light provided by the sun in order to thrive.

Dr. Ott discovered that the color temperature of lights affects mental health, with balanced light reducing hyperactivity in classrooms and reducing negative behavior in prisons and mental health facilities.

Dr. Ott discovered that even an individual cells’ ability to properly reproduce in plants, animals and humans is affected by variances in lighting. Most importantly, he realized that light entering the body through the eyes controls and regulates our brain chemistry which in turn affects how we feel and function.

Pioneering Photo-Biologist

In addition to writing three books and volumes of research, Dr. Ott also published a series of seven articles in the International Journal of Biosocial Research (Tacoma, Washington), a medical journal that studies links between physical and mental health. Titled Color and Light: Their Effects on Plants, Animals, and People, the articles summed up Dr. Ott’s decades of independent research, which was contrary to the established “wisdom” of pharmaceutical companies. These companies were “scaring the daylight out of us” by promoting the sudden negative effects of natural sunlight. These companies claimed that the sun was now dangerous to our skin and eyes and that we need to protect ourselves with their expensive sun screen lotion.

A Man Before His Time

At the time, Dr. Ott’s research efforts generally met with polite indifference from the scientific community but he soon began to attract attention from a wider public audience including an emerging trend of clinicians and medical professionals who recognize and align with his theory of Mal-illumination… the silent epidemic.


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Photo-Nutrition™ . . . light-activated wellness

There are many full-spectrum light sources and light therapy products that claim a host of health benefits. However, if you are searching for the one in the many that provides the maximum health benefits and disease prevention qualities based on the original research of the late Dr. John Ott, the father of full-spectrum light technology, then your search is over.

The SOLshine System is a convenient, therapeutic ‘light shower’ delivery system that is powered by a state-of-the-art SOLshine Biobulb that provides a balanced visible light spectrum in conjunction with added, invisible ultra violet light (UV) to reduce the risk of disease… just the way Dr. Ott originally designed it.

Dr. Ott included ‘safe’ in his health formula of full-spectrum light with added UV. The amount of UV is just above a trace amount. Enough to be beneficial, yet low enough to be naturally safe. However, since light entering the eyes is a direct path to regulating brain chemistry anyone with an eye condition should always check with their doctor before using.

Over twenty five years ago, we formed Ott Light Systems, Inc. with Dr. Ott to produce his original (fluorescent) full-spectrum light system with added UV light in order to reduce the risk of mal-illumination. The advent of white LED (light emitting diode) technology has inspired a full-spectrum light paradigm in nutrition: SOLshine . . . photo-nutrition.

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State-of-the-Art LED Technology
Based on Dr. Ott’s Mal-illumination Research

Unlike hazardous fluorescents or common white LED bulbs that focus on energy efficiency and light therapy products that focus primarily on SAD (seasonal affective disorder), SOLshine Biobulbs focus on — health efficiency — and are in fact — light supplements — that provide — photo-nutrition — well beyond SAD which is a sub-syndrome of mal-illumination. SOLshine Systems conveniently deliver and effectively support wellness and disease prevention all year long.

Not Your Average Full-Spectrum Light

The fact is, we did not develop SOLshine with a focus on ‘light, sight or energy efficiency’ as much as we engineered a photo-nutritious Biobulb. The sun’s radiant wavelengths are actually both energetic photo-nutrients & bio-catalysts. Different light wavelengths cause varying biological actions and reactions. A good example is the production of vitamin D in the skin which is caused by an ultra violet light (UV) interaction.

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Product Description

  • Unique 2 in 1 feature, converts from 36″ table to 66″ floor light
  • Multi-directional ‘light shower’ design
  • Blue Sky’ custom lamp shade
  • Dimmer switch
  • Includes three (3) SOLshine Biobulbs

Full-Spectrum Health Benefits Depend on Light Quality:

  • Full-spectrum light’s two criteria are Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Kelvin (K) temperature.
  • CRI measures the accuracy of a light source relative to that of natural light.
  • Kelvin characterizes the spectral properties of light measured on a temperature scale.

Noon sunshine measures — 100 CRI and 5650K
SOLshine™ measures — 96 CRI & 5655K

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SOLshine Photo-Nutrition™

Light-Activated Wellness

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