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“Light is nothing short of miraculous. Light makes our world luminous, dazzles our senses and quietly controls the chemical tides in our bodies.”

—George C. Brainard, Ph.D., The Healing Light: Interface of Physics and Biology.

Natural light can help reduce, fight or even prevent disease.

There’s something available to all of us that can do miraculous things when it comes to fighting disease and promoting health. We tend to overlook it and take it for granted —LIGHT.

Our ancient friend, the sun, regulates our brain chemistry and synchronizes our vital circadian rhythms with nature’s rhythms.

Health care costs are out of control.

  • Obesity is epidemic and depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide.
  • Depression alone affects an estimated 350 million people globally.
  • More than 16 million Americans of whom 6 million are seniors..

Natural light reduces the risk of obesity, depression and much, much more!.

Over the last forty years or so, the powers that be have literally scared the daylight out of us by claiming that the sun was something to avoid. Ironically, the truth is just the opposite… Sunlight is Vitality.