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pollution solution

WARNING: Electrosmog from Wireless Technology & Electricity

Invisible Radiation Inhibits Your Oxygen Supply — Blood Effect Seen Immediately!

Video Credit Dr. Magda Havas, PhD (2:32) Dr. Havas is not associated with Science of Light (SOL). Her video was selected for educational purposes only and is not intended to be an endorsement.


The most common sources of electrosmog are:


~ Cordless phones
~ Cordless baby alarms
~ Mobile/cellular phone masts/towers/transmitters
~ Mobile/cellular phones
~ Wireless networks
~ Computers


Electrosmog can cause brain fog & electrosensitivity (ES). Symptoms include:


~ Mental confusion
~ Headaches
~ Disruptive sleep patterns
~ Chronic fatigue
~ Depression
~ Hypersensitivity and erratic blood pressure
~ Skin complaint
~ Behavioural patterns in children.
Children, the elderly and anyone with a lowered immune system are most at risk from the health effects.


Dr. John Ott

Photobiology Pioneer



About thirty years ago, published research by Dr. John Ott in the International Journal of Biosocial Research, a medical journal that studies links between physical and mental health, titled Color and Light: Their Effects on Plants, Animals, and People, explained the occurrence of serious health effects associated with electro-magnetic pollution.
Time Lapse Film Innovator
Using time-lapse photography and a black field microscope together for the first time, Dr. Ott observed, in real time, what no man had ever seen before. He discovered that red blood cells clump together when exposed to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) radiation from computers and other electronic devices. Dr. Ott concluded that the clumping was caused by iron in the red blood cells being magnetized from EMF radiation. The clumping of red cells is called rouleaux, a medical term for groups of red blood corpuscles resembling a stack of coins which inhibits blood flow and oxygen supply.
Pollution Solution
electrosmogDr. Ott observed that when the clumped red blood cells were exposed to balanced, full-spectrum light with added ultra violet light (UV), the rouleaux condition returned to a normal flowing cell pattern and the oxygen supply was no longer inhibited.
SOLshine Photo-Nutrition exposure while computing mitigates computer vision syndrome and stress by counteracting the clumping of red blood cells which restricts oxygen supply to the brain, the eyes and the entire body.


Reduce Your Risk of Electrosmog and Brain Fog

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