Science of Light’s Grant Program addresses some of the major learning, behavior and health problems currently facing schools and humanity.

Inspired by photo biology pioneer, Dr. John Ott’s innovative children, light and learning research, Science of Light is pleased to introduce a unique grant program: ENLIGHTENED SCHOOLS: Smart Lights = Smarter Kids.

Most conventional light sources that we use for indoor illumination actually confuse our bodies and immune systems and cause undue stress that throws our body chemistry out of balance. This is particularly disruptive for growing children. Scholastic performance and student health are just two of the many conditions associated with ‘light regulated’ brain chemistry.

School Lighting . . .  A Glaring Oversight

Almost without exception, there is dislike of fluorescent lights. School studies have demonstrated that fluorescent lights encourage hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, and cause an increase in stress hormones ACTH and Cortisol. The increased presence of these stress hormones in the body have been linked, in other studies, to heightened anxiety, fear, and impulsive behavior including violence and substance abuse.

—The implication here is that lights our children and teachers spend prolonged periods under every week are significantly contributing, if not actually causing learning, behavior and health problems.

As socialized and sophisticated as we have become, we remain mammals whose organs, glands, and emotions respond to, and in some cases, are triggered into proper functioning by Nature’s full-spectrum light. . . the sun.

Enlightened Wellness

SOL’s program is a full-spectrum LED lighting retrofit designed to intrinsically improve more than just energy efficiency. The program will improve student scholastic performance as well as enhance the health and wellness of students, teachers and staff. Additional school benefits include a reduced carbon footprint and a positive cash flow back to the school’s budget from energy savings.

Grants will provide SOLshine™ balanced, full-spectrum LED light tubes — free of cost — for selected schools. The Enlightened Schools Grant Program is anticipated to commence September 2016.   JOIN THE REVOLUTION  . . . The Scholastic Performance & Wellness Revolution!


Evidence Based Research and Science