Portrait of male elementary school student with lightbulb picture on blackboard


  • School currently utilizes fluorescent light tubes (T-12/10/8) for general lighting.
  • School has past retrofit documentation including hazardous waste disposal or will perform a new lighting audit at their own expense if required.
  • School is responsible for all costs associated with the retrofit installation.
  • School is responsible for disposal of all hazardous waste material (fluorescent tubes and ballasts).
  • School holds Science of Light free of any and all liability associated with the retrofit except warranties associated with SOLshine Biotubes that will be provided by Science of Light free of cost.

Grant Selection

  • All donors will receive the opportunity of nominating a school to be included in SOL’s Grant Program. Grantees will be selected from the pool of nominated schools by random selection. Nominees will remain in the pool for the life of the Program and will be included in the on going selection process as funds are available.

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