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Brain Fog . . . Headache, Eye Strain, Fatigue?


Light, electricity, and magnetism are manifestations of electromagnetic radiation aka ‘electromagnetic frequencies’ commonly referred to as EMF.

  • The sun is the primary source of natural or ‘native’ EMF.
  • Electricity and electrical devices are the primary sources of unnatural or ‘non-native’ EMF (nnEMF).
  • Natural sunlight helps to mitigate or counter nnEMF..n

EMFs: an ocean of indoor pollution that we swim in daily.

This graphic 2.5 minute video explains the potential health risk associated with EMF pollution.   h

Dr. Magda Havas, PhD is not associated with Science of Light. This educational video is not an endorsement.



  • Insomnia
  • Headache & Migraine
  • Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Depression, Anxiety & Irritability
  • Short Term Memory Problems
  • Nerve Pain & Eye Pain
  • Tingling & Numbness… and more.

A Pollution Solution?

FROM THE OUTSIDE: Shielding Mitigates nnEMF .

A common approach used to mitigate nnEMF radiation is shielding materials (paints, fabrics, films, etc.) that block or reduce radiation exposure from high level or direct / close proximity emissions. Unfortunately, shielding does not reduce the radiation from your Wifi, your neighbor’s WiFi, local cell towers and many other sources..


FROM THE INSIDE: SOLshine LED Therapy Mitigates nnEMF.

Amazingly, all of the blood in your body passes through your eyes approximately every two hours. SOLshine Photo-Nutrition is a unique type of photobiomodulation that “targets the blood” passing through the eyes. .

Photobiomodulation (the modulation of cells by light) is a scientific method that allows the use of specific wavelengths of the light spectrum for therapeutic purposes to stimulate the metabolic activity of cells. .

SOLshine LED Therapy helps to mitigate rouleaux and improves the circulation of the red blood cells. Science of Light utilizes low-intensity LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to create a process similar to plant photosynthesis. .



Dr. John Ott — Photo-biology Pioneer.


More than thirty years ago, Dr. John Ott was the first to discover that red blood cells clump together (rouleaux) when exposed to nnEMF radiation from computers and other electronic devices. Dr. Ott concluded that the clumping was caused by iron in the red blood cells being magnetized from EMF pollution.

Dr. Ott observed that when the clumped red blood cells were exposed to full-spectrum light that included invisible wavelengths, the rouleaux condition returned to a normal flowing cell pattern and the oxygen supply was no longer inhibited...



Building on Dr. Ott’s original full-spectrum light technolgy, Science of Light is pleased to provide the next generation of biologically beneficial light. Science of Light has developed THE fullest-spectrum therapeutic light.

SOLshine Photo Nutrition™ . . . only the sun offers more natural light.


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