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SAD and Beyond: From Light Therapy to Light Hygiene

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Good by SAD

It’s So Simple

Light therapy for those who suffer from seasonal (SAD) and non-seasonal depression has well-documented benefits. For many who suffer from some form of depression, light therapy can be the natural solution. Additionally, natural light akin to sunlight has health benefit beyond SAD and other depressive conditions —even for those that are not diagnosed with depression.

From Seasonal Light Therapy to Daily Light Hygiene

A shift from the use of natural light “as-needed for therapy” to “daily exposure all year round” is a wise prevention shift to enlightened hygiene and reduced risk of disease.

Daily, natural light hygiene is conducive to maintaining health up and beyond the darkness of winter.

Daily Light Hygiene Helps Regulate Brain Chemistry

When light enters the eyes it’s converted into photo-current and channeled throughout the entire nervous system. Photo-current is distributed to the internal organs and cells via the individual nerves. In addition to activating sight in the visual cortex, photo-current also travels to the brain’s main control center, the hypothalamus. Informed by photo-current, the hypothalamus then helps regulate brain chemistry, essential hormones and circadian rhythms that control appetite, energy, mood, sleep, libido and other body-mind functions.

Ideally, everyone would properly regulate their essential exposure to daily natural light – managing the time they spend inside and out, staying in perfect cadence with their body’s required rhythm of light for optimum health and wellness. Fact is —natural light is the source of radiant vitality all year round!

Most of Us Spend the Vast Majority of Our Day Indoors

For those times when you can’t balance your daily exposure to sunlight, SOLshine Photo-Nutrition provides daily light hygiene you can conveniently use at home or work.

 A Nutritious Energetic Charge – Reduces Your Risk of Disease ​