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“If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, Safe Haven’s sober homes may be the right solution.”

— George Kiminaia, Executive Director

Safe Haven Recovery Living



Reduce the Risk of Relapse

Safe Haven Recovery Homes operate as a sober living bridge between an inpatient facility and the real world to support the process of recovery and to rebuild a life. We are dedicated to assisting our residents to maintain their sobriety by providing wellness, home-like environments as the basis to gain freedom from their addiction.

Our sober living environments help residents stay sober by keeping expectations high and giving support while allowing them to resume normal activities such as work or school. There are many benefits to our sober living homes. Residents experience a combination of structure and freedom to transition to a life beyond rehab. Additionally, sober fellowship and accountability reinforce the desire to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

A Path to Sobriety


After treatment for many in recovery, a sober living home makes the difference between moving forward in a positive way or falling back to old habits.

Tough-love is the cornerstone of Safe Haven’s spiritual philosophy. An applicant’s motivation is the focus of a vigorous interview prior to acceptance.


What We Provide

A supportive, healthy environment for men who’ve been sober for a short time that want to help themselves and need stability to nurture their recovery.

Safe Haven’s structure is not rigid like a treatment facility, however, we do have rules that residents must abide by. Safe Haven provides a sober environment that supports and encourages the development of healthy habits and coping skills for recovery success and sobriety maintenance.

Studies show that 85% of those that complete a rehab treatment and move to a sober living environment retain their sobriety.

What We Require.

  • A minimum of 30 days of sobriety
  • A wholehearted motivation to maintain sobriety
  • Be gainfully employed or actively seeking employment

What We Are Not

We’re not an inpatient treatment facility or “conventional” halfway house.

What We Are

We are a sober living, transitional home and we’re very serious about assisting our residents and supporting their sobriety.

  • Our Mission is to Improve Your Life in Recovery
  • Our Vision is the New Sober You

Safe Haven Recovery LIVING has four locations in the greater Phoenix area that provide supportive, safe and spotless recovery residences. Our home-like environments and fellowship promote growth and empowerment to live life without the use of alcohol or drugs.

If you’re as determined about maintaining your sobriety as we are about providing a supportive, home-like foundation for you to build your life in a positive way; please don’t hesitate —contact us today.