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SOL Partnership Proposal

 Photobiology pioneer, Science of Light (SOL), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, seeks a highly compatible, science based beneficiary for SOL’s Nutritional Light Technology and goodwill.   

  • Brand: SOLshine PhotoNutrition™ 

    the new pharmaceutical
  1. Nutritional Light Therapy Device (in-the-box): SOL PhotoVites …Light Activated Nutrition

  2. Floor Light/Bulb Combo Development (complete): Intelli-Lite …Smart Health

  3. Bulb Development (complete): SOL bioBULB …Sunshine Outdoors SOLshine Indoors

  4. Consumable Development (incomplete): SOL Nutrition …Light Sensitive Supplements & Remedies

  5. Future Development: WellnessWaves (Specific color/wavelength LEDs that address specific light therapies.)

  • Advertising/Marketing: Google Ads Grant ($120,000 annual @ $10,000 per month)

Quantum Wellness