The Cornerstones of Health

Clean Air, Pure Water and Natural Balanced Light
  • Comparably, just as one changes air filters and water filters to maintain purity, photo-nutritious  SOLshine Biobulbs are “changed annually” to maintain UV spectral integrity.
  • With this concept in mind, SOLshine Systems includes three (3) Biobulbs. Each Biobulb supplies “one year” of maximum photo-nutrition and therapeutic efficacy.
  •  SOLshine Systems provide a three year (3 Biobulbs combined) usage warranty and a ten year hardware (fixture) guarantee. However, our Biobulbs are comparatively superior in spectrum to common daylight white LEDs . . .  even when the warranty runs!
The visible full-spectrum wavelengths degrade much slower over time and continue to provide superior color rendering (96 CRI) and offer enhanced visual acuity for reading, crafting, homework and general lighting benefits well after the first year warranty.

Therapeutic Use

MORNING (approximately 30-60 minutes / distance 12-24 inches)
  • SOLshine is especially recommended for daily, early morning use between wake-up thru breakfast to sync circadian rhythms to nature’s rhythm, abate melatonin flow (sleep hormone), trigger serotonin flow (alert hormone), deliver a vital charge of photo-nutrition (akin to taking vitamins) and enhance metabolism & absorption. . . wow, talk about multi-tasking!
DAYTIME (time as needed / distance 12-24 inches)
  • Throughout the day SOLshine exposure augments vitality and can produce a similar energy-boosting effect much like drinking a cup of coffee, but is never intended to replace sleep.
EVENING (reduced brightness / not for therapy / off at least an hour before bedtime)
  • SOLshine is primarily intended for daylight hours to enhance vitality. Evening use should be dimmed and used for general, environmental light and not therapy. Therapeutic evening use can lead to the development of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome/Disorder.
  • Additionally, overexposure to any bright evening light (including blue enhanced light from electronic devices, cell phones etc.) is likely to lead to a shift in the circadian rhythm towards a delayed sleep phase.