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Nutritional Light Technology

“We have finally learned that light is a nutrient much like food, and like food, the wrong kind can make us ill and the right kind helps keep us well.”

3,000,000+ COPIES SOLD

Science of Light (SOL) is a research & development 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on raising awareness of “mal-illumination” and promoting THE BALANCED ‘SPECTRAL’ DIET™ for health & reduced risk of disease.

“Mal-illumination is to light as malnutrition is to food.”

— Dr. John Ott

SOL is supported (soley) by sales of SOL Photo Nutrition products. SOL’s funds are dispersed for further research and development and general overhead. SOL’s directors do not receive compensation. 

SOL is dedicated to the memory of pioneering photobiologist, Dr. John Ott — the father of full-spectrum light technology.

SOL’s Mission:

  • To enlighten humanity of the vital need for daily “light hygiene” to support and enhance body-mind wellness and reduce risk of…

mal-illumination —the silent epidemic


SOL’s Mandate:

  • To share freely our many years of research focused on the biological effects of light on human health & behavior.
  • To provide the technology that effectively reduces the risk of mal-illumination.

SOL’s Message:

 “We are all light deficient and this deficiency may be the source of our physical and emotional problems.” — Dr. John Ott

HEALTH AND LIGHT –  3,000,000+ copies sold