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Nutritional Light Technology


A Balanced "Spectral Diet"

Reduces Your Risk of

MAL-ILLUMINATION . . . The Indoor Pandemic

"Mal-illumination is to light as malnutrition is to food."

—Dr. John Ott

Health and Light, 3,000,000+ copies sold


Who We Are

Science of Light (SOL) is a research & development 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on raising awareness of Mal-illumination and promoting a 'balanced spectral diet' for health & reduced risk of disease. SOL is dedicated to the memory of pioneering photobiologist, Dr. John Ott — the father of full-spectrum light technology.

"We have finally learned that light is a nutrient much like food, and like food, the wrong kind can make us ill and the right kind helps keep us well." —Dr. John Ott


  • To enlighten humanity of the essential need for daily "light hygiene" for body-mind wellness and disease prevention.

  • To share freely our many years of research focused on the biological effects of light on human health & behavior.


  • To provide the technology that effectively reduces the risk of mal-illumination.

“We are all light deficient and this deficiency may be the source of our physical and emotional problems.”

— Dr. John Ott

Health and Light

3,000,000+ copies sold

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